Health & Safety

Declare their Policy is to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all persons who may be affected by the Company’s operations. The promotion and preservation of safety and health, the control of pollution and the protection of the environment are of fundamental importance in the conduct of the Company’s operations.

The Company will maintain safe and healthy working conditions taking account of current statutory requirements, which it will regard as a minimum standard by careful planning, organisation, monitoring, control, training, and the application of the best trade practices and codes of conduct. The risks to employees and others who may be affected by the activities of the Company will be assessed, assessments reviewed as required and arrangements made to eliminate or control such risks. This will be achieved by consultation, providing health surveillance as may be required, arranging for competent health & safety advice, instituting procedures to be followed in the event of imminent and serious danger and identifying danger areas; providing information to employees and risks to their health & safety and the preventative measures taken; co-operating with other Employers where necessary to promote health & safety; having regard to the capabilities and training of employees in relation to their work.

The Company requests, require and expects all persons who are either employed by the Company; sub-contracted to the Company, visiting the Company’s premises or sites of operation, or to whom the Company owes a duty of care; or over whom the Company exercises control, to co-operate with and conform to the Safety Policy of the Company, comply with arrangements made and actively assist in implementing the policy.

The Policy is available for inspection at the Company Offices and on all Company Sites.

SIGNED BY: Mr. Richard Raymond, Managing Director

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